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About Reynolds Farms

Over 65 Years of Gardening Knowledge & Experience

Reynolds Farm Nursery & Garden Center was founded in 1957 by Vincent J. Deorio.  His vision was to create a garden center environment which transcended the original business model of a small bare-root mail order company.   Today, the nursery and garden center occupy over seven acres and offer an extensive selection of plant materials.   Now, in its second generation, the family business continues to expand its commitment to the horticultural industry while proudly serving our local communities.  


The original location of Reynolds Farms was less than a mile away on Scribner Avenue. Steve Reynolds was the owner of a bare-root mail order business mailing catalogs throughout the United States.  In 1957, the state acquired the property on Scribner Avenue for the construction of Interstate 95.  Mr. Reynolds decided not to further the business.  It was then Vincent Deorio, a young man who had worked for Mr. Reynolds throughout high school and college decided to purchase the business after returning from serving his Country in the Air Force.  He purchased the name and mailing list and with his degree in Horticultural from Cornell University, he set out to build his dream nursery.  It was at this time he purchased the plot of land at 23 Richards Avenue.


The early years were focused on working the land to accommodate a building structure to store equipment and the housing of the bare-root material for shipping.  He continued to grow plants for mail order but also began to provide plant material for customers to purchase directly at the nursery.  This created the opportunity to provide landscape services as well.  As time marched on, the mail order portion of the business would soon fade as customers preferred selecting their plant materials in a garden center environment.  Thus, the nursery and garden center concept was created at Reynolds Farms.


In 1983, Vinnie was joined by his son Jeff.

Jeff, having earned his Business degree from the University of Connecticut, felt his calling was to help support and build upon the business his father had created.  The father and son team developed a strong and determined business partnership seeking to expand and improve upon the business’ plant offerings, product lines, and landscaping services to the local community.

Reynolds Farms Today

Today, Reynolds Farms has grown from its original small cinder block building, sited on 3 acres, to a sprawling park-like 7 plus acres. The property houses the retail country barn, five greenhouses, two acres of propagation fields, an intricate network of stone-terraced venues stocked full of plants, trees and shrubs, and of course,  the fish pond.


We take great pride in providing our customers the ultimate shopping experience and courteous service.  We are most grateful for our talented design team and staff as we would not be here without their dedication and support.  Their contributions have made our growth over the years possible and we are forever thankful. 


So come see where your neighbors have been shopping.  Take a moment to stop by, relax and walk about our manicured gardening paradise.  For over 65 years, we have truly been the off-the-beaten path gem of Norwalk.  Jeff is always happy to share the family's stories of how he grew up weeding those fields. Vinnie is proud to watch all the happenings from his cozy home located right here on the property. 

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